Ana Suárez Suárez

Biodiversidad Animal y Microbiana
Titulado Superior
Office: 2051

Since December 2019, I work as a microbial ecology technician at the Marine Microbiology Group (MMG, IMEDEA) and, currently, I am also involved in the maintenance of the “All Species Living Tree Project” (

I have over fourteen years of professional experience researching microbial ecology applied to the sustainability of natural resources. I have carried out my research both in Spain (University of Oviedo, IMEDEA) and abroad (Newcastle University, UK), and I have contributed to 7 scientific publications in internationally recognized journals in the field of applied environmental microbiology, microbial ecology and analytical chemistry (223 citations, H' 6). I have also had the opportunity to supervise five MSc and contributed to technical knowledge transfer articles and a book chapter published by the Royal Chemistry Society (UK).

Throughout my scientific career, I have gained experience in quantification and identification of environmental microorganisms using specific marker genes, analysis of their metabolic capabilities, in situ establishment of experimental mesocosms, high-throughput DNA sequencing and bioinformatics, hybridization with specific probes and fluorescence microscopy, biogeochemistry, aerobic and anaerobic culture-dependent techniques, liquid and gas chromatography (GC-FID and HPLC, respectively).