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Ramon Rosselló-Móra. Group leader. Tenured Scientist (Científico Titular) of the CSIC. Executive editor of the Systematic and Applied Microbiology journal, and member of the Judicial Commission of the ICSP. rossello-mora(at)

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Mercedes Urdiain Asensio. Technical Assistant. mercedes.urdiain(at)

Arantxa López López. Post-Doc in Environmental Microbiology. Currently building the solar-saltern sediments metagenome. arantxa.lopez(at)


Michael Richter. Post-Doc in Bioinformatics. Currently developing the JSpecies software tool. LinkedIn profile. Publication list.

Jocelyn Brito Echeverria. Ph-D student. The main research project deals with the survival and dispersion mechanisms of Salinibacter ruber studied using a metabolomic approach. jocelyn.brito(at)

Ana Belén Suárez Suárez. Ph-D student. The main research project is focussed on microbial diversity of marine sediments and their response to anthropogenic oil contaminations. anabelen.suarez(at)

Pablo Yarza Gómez-Galarza. Ph-D student. The main research project is focussed on the construction of a curated and optimized 16S rRNA database for taxonomic purposes (All-Species Living Tree Project) pablo.yarza(at)


Marine Microbiology Group at IMEDEA