Our Research Team

Research scientist CSIC

Research scientist CSIC

Research scientist CSIC

Associate Professor UIB

Vicenç Mut PD fellow

Maria Zambrano PD fellow

Xisca Font


Ana Laura Delgado

Vicenç Mut PD fellow

Olivier Mesdjian


Sara Castillo

PhD Student

Luc Zorrilla

PhD Student

Medea Zanoli

PhD Student

Ana Massanet

Lab Technician

Álvaro Raya

Lab Technician

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PhD Student
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Lab Technician
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Oreste Piro

Senior Lecturer UIB

CNRS researcher at CEA-Grenoble

Research Scientist at IACT

Senior Lecturer at U of Melbourne

Researcher at IFREMER

Research Scientist at ICMAN

Junior Research Chair at LabEx ENS-ICFP

Associate Professor at U of Warwick

Associate Professor at U of Warwick

Research Scientist at ICM

Visitors and Alumni (past and present)

Chlamydomonas photokinesis.

Jorge Pottiez
BSc Physics 2023 (UIB)

Image analysis of yeast ascii.

Ana Maya Sevilla
BSc Physics 2023 (UIB)

Automated clustering for large, high-dimensional flow cytometry datasets of phytoplankton communities.

Aleksandar Rasevic Lukic
MSc Data Science 2023 (UOC)

Consortium for Biomechanics of viscoelastic flagella.

Henry Fu
Visitor 2023 (U of Utah, USA)

Clogging transitions of micro-swimmers in narrow constrictions.

Sara Castillo
Visitor 2022 (U of Exeter, UK)

Análisis de las tasas de infección de fitoplancton por parasitoides marinos.

Gorka Buenvarón
MSc Physics; JAE intro fellow 2022

Estudio satelital de la fenología de grupos funcionales en la Plataforma Continental Norpatagónica.

Ana Laura Delgado
Visitor 2022 (CONICET - Bahia Blanca, Argentina)

Modelling single-cell phototaxis on the light of photosynthesis.

Shilpa Khatri
Visitor 2022 (UC Merced, USA)

Direct measurement of drag increase from marine biofilm streamers.

Eleonora Secchi
Visitor 2021 (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

¡No te quedes atascado! Transiciones de obstrucción en materia activa.

Miquel Comas Adrover
BSc Physics; TFG UIB 2021

GPV investigation of micro flows from light stimulated Chlamydomonas.

Antoine Allard
Visitor 2020 (University of Warwick, UK)

Estados atascados y transiciones de fase en materia activa: el caso de la separación de fases inducida por fototaxis.

Julia González San Juan
BSc Physics; TFG UIB 2020

Limits and variations of Stokes' law for living matter.

Pilar Roig Rotger
BSc Physics; TFG UIB 2019

Land-ocean exchanges and their influence of the productivity of the coastal water of the Balearic Islands as indicated by ocean color satellite observations.

Josep Bernat Perelló 
MSc Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management; TFM UB-UPC 2019

Toni is in charge of maintaining our diatom cultures. He is also using these cells for different experiments concerning their orientation in the water column.

Antoni Josep Far Morenilla
MSc Applied Biotechnology; Practicum UIB 2019

Dinámica del flujo direccional tridimensional dentro del organizador izquierda-derecha en vertebrados.

Yunay Hernández Pereira
Visitor 2019 (UAEM, Mexico)

Nearshore circulation patterns. In particular, he collaborated with ADCP and ADV data acquisition and analysis during SIFOMED field study.

Sergi Antoni Andreu Boix
BSc Physics; Practicum UAB 2018

Diatoms in turbulence

Matteo Borgnino
Visitor 2018 (University of Turin, Italy)

Chemotaxis in Sperm Cells

Hector Ramirez
Visitor 2017 (Institute of Biotechnology (IBT), UNAM, Mexico)

Gradients and fine-scale phytoplankton variability in near-shore Mediterranean waters.

Francisco Javier Torres-Serra
MSc Marine Ecology; TFM UIB 2017

Instabilities induced by phototaxis in suspensions of swimming green algae

Ramón Saleta-Piersanti
BSc Physics; TFG UIB 2016

Nonlinear dynamics of cellular longevity

Maria del Mar Puigserver Ferrà
BSc Physics; TFG UIB 2015

Leaking dynamics in confined active matter

Javier Sparacino
Visitor 2015 (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)

Former lab members

Raphael Jeanneret (PDRA, 2017-2019) Biophysics of predation-induced cell aggregation in model unicellular microalgae (Now at LabEx ENS-ICFP, Paris, France).

Paula Salgado (PhD student, 2019) Patterns of variability of phytoplankton and primary production in the Mediterranean Sea analyzed by satellite data. (Now at IEO, Mallorca, Spain)

Alberto Álvarez (CSIC Senior Scientist, 2017-2019) Physical oceanography and Acoustics. (Now at the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (STO-CMRE), La Spezia, Italy)

Antoni Jordi (Ramón y Cajal researcher, 2011-2016) Ocean Dynamics,  connectivity of marine communities and biodiversity conservation. (Now at Jupiter Intelligence, New York, USA)

Silvia Anglés (Marie Curie fellow, 2012-2016) Continuous measurements of plankton and environmental variables : towards assessment of phytoplankton community response to environmental change. (Now at CUNY, New York, USA)

Marly Carolina Martinez-Soto (PhD student, 2017) Biogeochemical processes in a coastal marine ecosystem of restricted exchange. The Port of Mahon.