PRTR Sistema analítico para metabolómica marina

[Cod. EQC2021-007323-P PRTR SAMM]

The objective of this proposal is to request financing for the acquisition of a metabolomics system consisting of two analytical instruments dedicated to the identification (LCQTOF) and quantification (LCQQQ 6495) of metabolites in marine ecosystems. The system will constitute a provision of the Microscopy, Cytometry and Molecular Biology Service (MCB) of IMEDEA (UIB- CSIC) to the national research system, available through the USCT of the CSIC. Metabolite analysis is an innovative and emerging field where quantification services in Europe are still very limited. The few companies that offer these services are focused on the areas of biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, and food and agricultural technologies. Spain is a leading country in various research lines of marine research. The acquisition of the proposed system will allow the national research system, through IMEDEA, to establish the first center of its kind dedicated exclusively to the identification and analysis of metabolites in marine systems in Spain. Studies of enzymes, coenzymes, vitamins, hormones and antibiotics, among other metabolic molecules, some of which may have high commercial interest, open up new perspectives for the understanding of marine ecosystems and their response in a scenario of global change. Having a SAMM would put us in a preeminent position in marine research in Europe.