Advanced technology to asess fish behaviour and welfare reared in ponds

[Cod. 259626 SmartFishPonds]

The "SmartFishPonds" project focuses on studying the behavior and swimming activity of sea bream (Sparus aurata) and sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) that are reared in ponds in semi-intensive conditions, using advanced acoustic telemetry techniques. The specific objectives are:

1. Demonstrate the viability of advanced tracking techniques (acoustic telemetry) for the first time in semi-intensive breeding conditions (earthen ponds or "esteros").
2. Study the daily variations in the behavior of the species (e.g. day vs. night) and their behavioral response based on environmental factors and conditions (e.g. temperature, oxygen, storms, etc.).
3. Assess the well-being of the animals through the study of operational behavior indicators and their response to the stress or alterations produced by routine activity during the breeding process (e.g. feeding, handling, sampling, fishing, etc.).
4. Evaluate the applicability of acoustic telemetry as a tool that allows intelligent management of aquaculture and favors a more sustainable and responsible activity.

The results will increase current knowledge about the behavior and well-being of sea bream and sea bass reared in semi-intensive farming conditions, as well as provide tools for their monitoring and evaluation, which help promote a more sustainable and responsible aquaculture activity.