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Author(s):B. Morales-Nin, F. Cardona, A.M. Grau, E. García, I. Alvárez, S. Pérez-Mayol
Title:Does angling activity influence consumer choices of fresh fish?
Journal:British Food Journal
JCR Impact Factor:0.649
Issue No.:7

In a survey, it was shown that fresh fish was consumed in the Balearic Islands by a wide range of people that were mostly middle aged and middle class residents. The consumers preferred to buy the fish in the traditional retail markets and consumed fish at least once a week, covering a wide range of species. Consumers were satisfied by the fish quality and moderately unsatisfied by the information they received, which was mostly gained through their own experience. Although fish price was perceived as a barrier, the consumers were ready to pay more for good quality local product. A significant proportion of the consumers represented either recreational fishermen or belonged to a household with recreational fishing members. These showed a different profile from the general consumers, their preferred species were different, showing a tendency towards local species of higher price. A parallel survey of fish restaurants showed differences in the preferred species that depended on the residency and nationality. The consumer trends identified and the perception of the fresh fish captured by the local fleet might have implications for fisheries management and should be explored in more detail.

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