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Author(s):A. Mansilla, P. Ramírez-García, S. Murcia, J. Terrados
Title:Distribution and biomass of Ruppia filifolia (Phil.) Skottsberg, Ruppiaceae in Skyring Sound, Sub-Antarctic Ecoregion of Magallanes, Chile.
Journal:Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia (Chile)
Issue No.:1

Ruppia filifolia is the seagrass with the world’s southernmost distribution and a species
about which even the most fundamental aspects of its biology and ecology are not known.
Presence, bathymetric distribution, and biomass of R. filifolia meadows in Skyring sound (sub-antarctic ecoregion of Magallanes, Chile) were evaluated through a remotely operated vehicle
(ROV) survey, and direct verification and sampling by divers. The littoral of Skyring sound is
surrounded by patchy R. filifolia meadows to a depth of 5.3 m in bands 100-160 m wide. R.
filifolia achieved a biomass of 80 g dry weight m-2, a rhizomes plus roots to leaves biomass ratio
of 1.6 to 1.9 and a density of 2000 shoots m-2. Possible relevance of meadows formed by this
seagrass species in the functioning of the shallow coastal ecosystem of Skyring sound is discussed.

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