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Author(s):J. Tintoré, B. Casas, E. Heslop, G. Vizoso, A. Pascual, A. Orfila, S. Ruiz, L. Renault, M. Juzà, P. Balaguer, Ll. Gómez-Pujol, A. Álvarez-Ellacuria, S. Gómara, K. Sebastian, S. Lora, J.P. Beltrán, D. March, R. Escudier, M. Martínez-Ledesma, M. Torner, S. Cusí, D. Roque, I. Lizarán, C. Castilla, T. Cañellas, A. Lana, D. Conti, J.M. Sayol, E. Mason, B. Barceló-Llull, F. Alemany, D. Álvarez-Berastegui, P. Reglero, E. Massuti, P. Vélez-Belchí, J. Ruiz, T. Oguz, M. Gómez, E. Álvarez, L. Ansorena, M. Manriquez
Title:The Impact of New Multi-platform Observing Systems in Science, Technology Development and Response to Society Needs; from Small to Large Scales
Journal:Computer Science Review
Abstract:New monitoring technologies are key components of ocean observatories, also called marine research infrastructures being implemented in the worlds oceans. As a result, new capabilities to characterise, in quasi-real time, the ocean state and its variability at small scales exist today. The challenge is the integration of theses multiplatform observing and forecasting systems to (a) monitor the variability at small scales (e.g. mesoscale/weeks) in order to (b) resolve the sub-basin/seasonal and inter-annual variability and by this (c) establish the decadal variability, understand the associated biases and correct them. The challenge is also to change focus and now monitor from small to large scales. SOCIB is leading this new small to large-scale multi-platform approach in ocean observation. Some examples are presented and discussed together with initial ideas on the optimal design of an observational network in the world oceans, responding to science priorities, technology development and response to strategic society needs.

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  • Benjamín Casas Pérez
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