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Author(s):P. Bover, J. Rofes, S. Bailón, Agustí. J., G. Cuenca-Bescós, E. Torres, J.A. Alcover
Title:Late Miocene/Early Pliocene vertebrate fauna from Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean): an update
Journal:Integrative Zoology
JCR Impact Factor:1.904
Abstract:The vertebrate fossil record from the Balearic Islands (western Mediterranean) has improved considerably over
the past decade, especially in Mallorca and Menorca. In Menorca, the Pliocene terrestrial fauna was updated by
the discovery and description of the large-sized leporid Nuralagus, several reptiles and an amphibian. In Mallorca,
paleontological exploration yielded 2 deposits with a Late Miocene/Early Pliocene chronology, Caló den
Rafelino (CdR) and Na Burguesa-1 (NB-1). So far, 4 new mammalian taxa and 2 new reptiles have been identified
for the CdR deposit, whereas the faunal assemblage from the recently discovered deposit (Apr 2012) of
NB-1 is currently composed of, at least, 6 terrestrial mammals, 8 reptiles and an amphibian. Its faunal composition
and some primitive characteristics of the obtained taxa suggest that the chronology of this deposit is slightly
earlier than the CdR. The terrestrial vertebrates recorded in these 2 Mallorcan deposits are changing the view
of the paleofaunal assemblage previously known for the Plio–Pleistocene of the island. Morphological characteristics
displayed by some of the taxa suggest that these faunas would be at the beginning of an isolated evolution.
In this paper we present a preliminary report on the fossils recovered from the NB-1 deposit, as well as
some unpublished data from CdR, and we analyze the whole fauna from both Mallorcan deposits, focusing on
taxonomical and paleobiogeographical aspects.

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