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Autor(s):B. Morales-Nin, F. Cardona-Pons, F. Maynou, A.M. Grau
Títol:How relevant are recreational fisheries? Motivation and activity of resident and tourist anglers in Majorca
JCR Impact Factor:2.23
Resum:Both resident and non-resident anglers (tourists) practice recreational fishing in Majorca (Balearic Islands, western Mediterranean). We present the results of two surveys designed with the objective of estimating the expenses incurred by anglers in recreational fishing and describing their motivation for fishing. A mail survey targeted resident anglers, and two intercept surveys targeted tourist anglers (in the mass tourism and nautical tourism sectors). The main motivation for resident anglers was enjoying tranquility, followed by catch consumption. For tourists, fishing was not the motivation for visiting Majorca. The expenditure of resident recreational anglers is estimated to be 57 million Euro (1% of the Majorcan economy). The number of tourists practicing recreational fishing was low, but their catch was estimated to encompass 16% of the total commercial coastal fishery catch. In addition, the economic value added through fishing expenditure may be 6 million Euro due to the large number of tourists visiting Majorca. The amount of catch in weight by all anglers combined was significant (43% of the catch in weight of commercial coastal fisheries) and should be considered in the management of coastal fisheries in the Balearic Islands and elsewhere in the Mediterranean where recreational fishing is important.

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