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New Arrivals: the natural colonization of an island by a large vertebrate
A. Cortés-Avizanda, G. Tavecchia
Mediterranean seagrasses as carbon sinks: Methodological and regional differences
A. Escolano-Moltó, S. Flecha, R. Vaquer-Sunyer, M. Wesselmann, N. Marbà, I. E. Hendriks
Biogeosciences Discussions , Vol. 1. 1 Pag. 1- (2021)
Elemental composition of illicia and otoliths and their potential application to age validation in white anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius linnaeus, 1758)
D. Brophy, S. Pérez-Mayol, R. Duncan, K. Hüssy, A.J. Geffen, H.D. Gerritsen, M.C. Villanueva, B. Morales-Nin
ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE , Vol. 261. Pag. 107557- (2021)
Contrasting adult body-size in sister populations of the Balearic Lizard, Podarcis lilfordi (Günther 1874) suggests anthropogenic selective pressures
A. Rotger, J.M. Igual, M. Genovart, V. Rodríguez, C. Ramon, V. Pérez-Mellado, G. Bibiloni, J. Rita, G. Tavecchia
HERPETOLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS , Vol. 35. 1 Pag. 53-64 (2021)
Demografía comparada de tres poblaciones de lagartija balear
A. Rotger, J.M. Igual, G. Tavecchia
Quercus , Vol. 427. Pag. 18- (2021)
Regionalizing the Impacts of Wind- and Wave-Induced Currents on Surface Ocean Dynamics: A Long-Term Variability Analysis in the Mediterranean Sea
V. Morales-Márquez, I. Hernández-Carrasco, G. Simarro, V. Rossi, A. Orfila
Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans , Vol. 126. 9 Pag. - (2021)
Inverted microbial community stratification and spatial–temporal stability in hypersaline anaerobic sediments from the S'Avall solar salterns
F. Font-Verdera, R. Liébana, B. Aldeguer-Riquelme, V. Gangloff, F. Santos, T. Viver, R. Rosselló-Móra
Short-term gain, long-term loss: how a widely-used conservation tool could further threaten sea turtles.
P. Santidrián Tomillo, B. Wallace, F. Paladino, J.R. Spotila, M. Genovart
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. NA. 261 Pag. 109260- (2021)
Impacts of beekeeping on wild bee diversity and pollination networks in the Aegean Archipelago
A. Lázaro, A. Müller, A. Ebmer, H. Dathe, E. Scheuchl, M. Schwarz, S. Risch, A. Pauly, J. Devalez, T. Tscheulin, C. Gómez-Martínez, E. Papas, J. Pickering, N. Waser, T. Petanidou
ECOGRAPHY , Vol. 44. 9 Pag. 1353-1365 (2021)
Reproductive biology of pipefish Syngnathus typhle and S. abaster (Syngnathidae) from Western Mediterranean Sea
A. Simal Rodríguez, A. Grau, J. Castro-Fernandez, I. Castejón, J. Terrados, B. Morales-Nin, P. Arechavala-lopez
Journal of Ichthyology , Vol. 61. 4 Pag. 608-615 (2021)
Evaluating high-frequency radar data assimilation impact in coastal ocean operational modelling
J. Hernandez-Lasheras, B. Mourre, A. Orfila, A. Santana, E. Reyes, J. Tintoré
Ocean Science , Vol. 17. 4 Pag. 1157-1175 (2021)
Fine-Scale Ocean Currents Derived From in situ Observations in Anticipation of the Upcoming SWOT Altimetric Mission
Bàrbara Barceló-Llull, Ananda Pascual, Antonio Sánchez-Román, Eugenio Cutolo, Francesco d’Ovidio, Gina Fifani, Enrico Ser-Giacomi, Simón Ruiz, Evan Mason, Fréderic Cyr, Andrea Doglioli, Baptiste Mourre, John T. Allen, Eva Alou-Font, Benjamín Casas, Lara Díaz-Barroso, Franck Dumas, Laura Gómez-Navarro, Cristian Muñoz
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 8. 679844 Pag. 1-23 (2021)
The role of competition and herbivory in biotic resistance against invaders: a synergistic effect
Jorge Santamaría, Fiona Tomas, Enric Ballesteros, Juan M. Ruiz, Jaime Bernardeau-Esteller, Jorge Terrados, Emma Cebrian
ECOLOGY , Vol. 03440. Pag. 1-13 (2021)
Transcending capitalism growth strategies for biodiversity conservation
Joan Morranta, Cati Torres, Ivan Murray, Manuel Hidalgo, Hilmar Hinz, Adam Gouraguin
CONSERVATION BIOLOGY , Vol. 36 (2). 13821 Pag. 1-9 (2021)
Herbivory on the Invasive Alga Caulerpa cylindracea: The Role of Omnivorous Fishes
Jorge Santamaría, Fiona Tomas, Enric Ballesteros, Emma Cebrian
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 8. 702492 Pag. 1-10 (2021)
Joint effects of patch edges and habitat degradation on faunal predation risk in a widespread marine foundation species
Kevin A. Hovel, J. Emmett Duffy, John J. Stachowicz, Pamela Reynolds, Christoffer Boström, Katharyn E. Boyer, Stéphanie Cimon, Mathieu Cusson, Fredrick Joel Fodrie, Karine Gagnon, Clara M. Hereu, Masakazu Hori, Pablo Jorgensen, Claudia Kruschel, Kun-Seop Lee, Masahiro Nakaoka, Nessa E. O’Connor, Francesca Rossi, Jennifer Ruesink, Fiona Tomas, Shelby Ziegler
ECOLOGY , Vol. 102. 5 Pag. 1-11 (2021)
On the Structure and Kinematics of an Algerian Eddy in the Southwestern Mediterranean Sea
P.-M. Poulain, L. Centurioni, T. Özgökmen, D. Tarry, A. Pascual, S. Ruiz, E. Mauri, M. Menna, G. Notarstefano
Remote Sensing , Vol. 13. Pag. 3039- (2021)
Seagrass blue carbon stocks and sequestration rates in the Colombian Caribbean.
O. Serrano, D.I. Gómez-López, L. Sánchez-Valencia, A. Acosta-Chaparro, R. Navas-Camacho, J. González-Corredor, C. Salinas, P. Masque, C.A. Bernal, N. Marbà
Scientific Reports , Vol. 11. - Pag. 11067- (2021)
Towards reliable global allowances for sea level rise
P. Woodworth, J. Hunter, M. Marcos, C. Hughes
GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE , Vol. 203. Pag. - (2021)

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