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Multi-model remote sensing assessment of primary production in the subtropical gyres
A. Regaudie-de-Gioux, M. Huete-Ortega, C. Sobrino, D. López-Sandoval, N. González, A. Fernández-Carrera, M. Vidal, E. Marañón, P. Cermeño, M. Latasa, S. Agustí, C. Duarte
JOURNAL OF MARINE SYSTEMS , Vol. 196. Pag. 97-106 (2019)
Native and alien flower visitors differ in partner fidelity and network integration
K. Trøjelsgaard, R. Heleno, A. Traveset
ECOLOGY LETTERS , Vol. 22. 8 Pag. 1264-1273 (2019)
“Candidatus Macondimonas diazotrophica”, a novel gammaproteobacterial genus dominating crude-oil-contaminated coastal sediments
S. Karthikeyan, L. Rodriguez-R, P. Heritier-Robbins, M. Kim, W. Overholt, J. Gaby, J. Hatt, J. Spain, R. Rosselló-Móra, M. Huettel, J. Kostka, K. Konstantinidis
ISME Journal , Vol. 13. 8 Pag. 2129-2134 (2019)
Interannual fine‐scale site fidelity of male ballan wrasse Labrus bergylta revealed by photo‐identification and tagging
Gonzalo Mucientes, José Irisarri, David Villegas‐Ríos
JOURNAL OF FISH BIOLOGY , Vol. 95. 4 Pag. 1151-1155 (2019)
Recent trend reversal for declining European seagrass meadows
C. de los Santos, D. Krause-Jensen, T. Alcoverro, N. Marbà, C.M. Duarte, M.M. van Katwijk, M. Pérez, J. Romero, J.L. Sánchez-Lizaso, G. Roca, E. Jankowska, J.L. Pérez-Lloréns, J. Fournier, M. Montefalcone, G. Pergent, J.M. Ruiz, S. Cabaço, K. Cook, R.J. Wilkes, F.E. Moy, G. Muñoz-Ramos Trayter, X. Seglar Arañó, D.J. de Jong, Y. Fernández-Torquemada, I. Auby, JJ. Vergara, R. . Santos
Nature Communications , Vol. 10. Pag. 5536- (2019)
Collective sinking promotes selective cell pairing in planktonic pennate diatoms
Joan S. Font-Muñoz, Raphaël Jeanneret, Jorge Arrieta, Sílvia Anglès, Antoni Jordi, Idan Tuval, Gotzon Basterretxea
Model-Observations Synergy in the Coastal Ocean
P. De Mey-Frémaux, N. Ayoub, A. Barth, R. Brewin, G. Charria, F. Campuzano, S. Ciavatta, M. Cirano, C. A. Edwards, I. Federico. , S. Gao, I. Garcia Hermosa, M. Garcia Sotillo, H. Hewitt, L. Robert Hole, J. Holt, R. King, V. Kourafalou, Y. Lu, B. Mourre, A. Pascual, J. Staneva, E. V. Stanev, H. Wang, X. Zhu
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 6. 436 Pag. 1- (2019)
Requirements for a Coastal Hazards Observing System
J. Benveniste, A. Cazenave, S. Vignudelli, L. Fenoglio-Marc, R. Shah, R. Almar, O. Andersen, F. Birol, P. Bonnefond, J. Bouffard, F. Calafat, E. Cardellach, P. Cipollini, G. Le Cozannet, C. Dufau, M. J. Fernandes, F. Frappart, J. Garrison, C. Gommenginger, G. Han, J. L. Høyer, V. Kourafalou, E. Leuliette, Z. Li, H. Loisel, K. S. Madsen, M. Marcos, A. Melet, B. Meyssignac, A. Pascual, M. Passaro, S. Ribó, R. Scharroo, Y. T. Song, S. Speich, J. Wilkin, P. Woodworth, G. Wöppelmann
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 6. Pag. 348- (2019)
Interspecific competition for frugivores: population-level seed dispersal in contrasting fruiting communities
B. Rumeu, M. Álvarez-Villanueva, J. Arroyo, J. González-Varo
OECOLOGIA , Vol. 190. 3 Pag. 605-617 (2019)
Two ‘faces’ of ENSO-induced surface waves during the tropical cyclone season
Y. Lin, L. Oey, A. Orfila
PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY , Vol. 175. Pag. 40-54 (2019)
Proposal for changes in the international code of nomenclature of prokaryotes: Granting priority to Candidatus names
W. Whitman, I. Sutcliffe, R. Rossello-Mora
Characterization of microsatellite markers for the endangered Daphne rodriguezii (Thymelaeaceae) and related species
C. García-Verdugo, J. Illera, A. Traveset
Applications in Plant Sciences , Vol. 7. 7 Pag. 11274- (2019)
First description of two moderately halophilic and psychrotolerant Mycoplasma species isolated from cephalopods and proposal of Mycoplasma marinum sp. nov. and Mycoplasma todarodis sp. nov
A. Ramírez, O. Vega-Orellana, T. Viver, J. Poveda, R. Rosales, C. Poveda, J. Spergser, M. Szostak, M. Caballero, L. Ressel, J. Bradbury, M. Mar Tavío, S. Karthikeyan, R. Amann, K. Konstantinidis, R. Rossello-Mora
SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY , Vol. 42. 4 Pag. 457-467 (2019)
Copernicus Marine Service Ocean State Report, Issue 3
S. Aaboe, E. Aguiar, E. Álvarez Fanjul, A. Alvera-Azcárate, L. Aouf, R. Barciela, A. Behrens, M. Belmonte Rivas, S. Ben Ismail, A. Bentamy, M. Borgini, V. Brando, N. Bensoussan, A. Blauw, P. Bryère, B. Buongiorno Nardelli, A. Caballero, V. Çağlar Yumruktepe, E. Cebrian, J. Chiggiato, E. Clementi, L. Corgnati, M. de Alfonso, Á. de Pascual Collar, J. Deshayes, E. Di Lorenzo, J. Dominici, C. Dupouy, M. Drévillon, V. Echevin, M. Eleveld, L. Enserink, M. García Sotillo, P. Garnesson, J. Garrabou, G. Garric, F. Gasparin, G. Gayer, F. Gohin, A. Grandi, A. Griffa, J. Gourrion, S. Hendricks, C. Heuzé, E. Holland, D. Iovino, M. Juza, D. Kurt Kersting, S. Kipson, Z. Kizilkaya, G. Korres, M. Kõuts, P. Lagemaa, T. Lavergne, H. Lavigne, J. Ledoux, J. Legeais, P. Lehodey, C. Linares, Y. Liu, J. Mader, I. Maljutenko, A. Mangin, I. Manso-Narvarte, C. Mantovani, S. Markager, E. Mason, A. Mignot, M. Menna, M. Monier, B. Mourre, M. Müller, J. Nielsen, G. Notarstefano, O. Ocaña, A. Pascual, B. Patti, M. Payne, M. Peirache, S. Pardo, B. Pérez Gómez, A. Pisano, C. Perruche, K. Peterson, M. Pujol, U. Raudsepp, M. Ravdas, R. Raj, R. Renshaw, E. Reyes, R. Ricker, A. Rubio, M. Sammartino, R. Santoleri, S. Sathyendranath, K. Schroeder, J. She, S. Sparnocchia, J. Staneva, A. Stoffelen, T. Szekely, G. Tilstone, J. Tinker, J. Tintoré, B. Tranchant, R. Uiboupin, D. Van der Zande, K. von Schuckmann, R. Wood, J. Woge Nielsen, M. Zabala, A. Zacharioudaki, F. Zuberer, H. Zuo
Journal of Operational Oceanography , Vol. 12. 1 Pag. 1-123 (2019)
Sociocultural valuation of ecosystem services for operational ecosystem management: mapping applications by decision contexts in Europe
A. Walz, K. Schmidt, A. Ruiz-Frau, K.A. Nicholas, A. Bierry, A. de Vries Lentsch, A. Dyankov, D. Joyce, A. Liski, N. Marbà, I. Rosário, S. Scholte
Regional Environmental Change , Vol. 19. Pag. 2245-2259 (2019)
Patterns and drivers of UV absorbing chromophoric dissolved organic matter in the euphotic layer of the open ocean
F. Iuculano, X. álverez-Salgado, J. Otero, T. Catalá, C. Sobrino, C. Duarte, S. Agustí
Frontiers in Marine Science , Vol. 6. 320 Pag. 1- (2019)
Integrating within-species variation in thermal physiology into climate change ecology.
S. Bennett, C.M. Duarte, N. Marbà, T. Wernberg
Unrevelling the sex- and age-specific impact of poaching mortality with multievent modeling
L. Corlatti, A. Sanz-Aguilar, G. Tavecchia, Pedrotti L
Frontiers in Zoology Pag. 16-20 (2019)

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