Research support

The Service of Research Support provides the researchers of the IMEDEA with the infrastructure required to perform several tasks which are common to a substantial number of research activities and projects. The goal is to reduce costs and to share the know-how accumulated during the researechers' careers to establish unified protocols that ensure high-quality results while fostering cooperation among researchers and research lines.

The Service is presently structured in five units
  1. Laboratory of Environmental Molecular Biology (EMB)
  2. Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (AC)
  3. Workshops and Oceanographic Instrumentation (WOI)
  4. Field Ecology (FE)
  5. Laboratory of Flux Citometry (FC)
  6. Sclerochronology Service (SEC)
  7. Collections (COL)

and it is not open to the public due to the limited availability of staff and equipment. For the mid-future we foresee the Service expanding its activities and becoming partly open to external users.