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Closing the gap: new data on the last documented Myotragus and the first human evidence on Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean Sea)
P. Bover, A. Valenzuela, E. Torres, A. Cooper, J. Pons, J.A. Alcover
Holocene , Vol. 26. 2 Pag. 1887-1891 (2016)
Pelagic seascape ecology for operational fisheries oceanography: modelling and predicting spawning distribution of Atlantic bluefin tuna in western Mediterranean
D. Alvarez-Berastegui, J.M. Hidalgo, M.P. Tugores, A. Aparicio, L. Ciannelli, P. Reglero, R. Balbín, M. Juza, B. Mourre, A. Pascual, J.L. Lopez-Jurado, A. García, J.M. Rodriguez, J. Tintoré, Alemany F
ICES Journal of Marine Science , Vol. abril. 13 Pag. 2016- (2016)
Revised phylogeny of Bacteroidetes and proposal of sixteen new taxaand two new combinations including Rhodothermaeota phyl. nov.
R. Munoz, R. Rosselló-Móra, R. Amann
Systematic and Applied Microbiology , Vol. 39. Pag. 281-296 (2016)
Glider and satellite high resolution monitoring of a mesoscale eddy in the Algerian basin: effects on the mixed layer depth and biochemistry
Y. Cotroneo, G. Aulicino, S. Ruiz, A. Pascual, G. Budillon, G. Fusco, J. Tintorè
Journal of Marine Systems , Vol. 1. 1 Pag. 1-12 (2016)
The MEDESS-GIB database: tracking the Atlantic water inflow
M.G. Sotillo, E. Garcia-Ladona, A. Orfila, P. Rodríguez-Rubio, J.C. Maraver, D. Conti, E. Padorno, J.A. Jiménez, E. Capó, F. Pérez, J.M. Sayol, F.J. de los Santos, A. Amo, A. Rietz, C. Troupin, J. Tintore, E. Álvarez-Fanjul
Earth System Science Data , Vol. 8. 1 Pag. 141-149 (2016)
Oceanographic drivers and mistiming processes shape breeding success in a seabird
F. Ramírez, I. Afán, G. Tavecchia, I.A. Catalán, D. Oro, A. Sanz-Aguilar
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences , Vol. 283. Pag. 20152287- (2016)
New insights on the external features of egg capsules and embryo in the squid Loligo vulgaris
P. Feyjoo, M. Cabanellas-Reboredo, M. Calvo-Manazza, B. Morales-Nin, J. Hernández-Urcera, M.E. Garci, A.F. González, A. Guerra,
Journal of Natural History , Vol. 50. 9-10 Pag. 543-555 (2016)
Rallus nanus nomen novum: a replacement name for Rallus minutus Alcover et al. 2015
J.A. Alcover, H. Pieper, F. Pereira, J.C. Rando
Zootaxa , Vol. 4085. 1 Pag. 141-142 (2016)
Coastal–offshore exchange of organic matter across the Cape Ghir filament (NW Africa) during moderate upwelling
Y. Santana-Falcón, M. Benavides, P. Sangrà, E. Mason, E.D. Barton, A. Orbi, J. Arístegui
Journal of Marine Systems , Vol. 154. Pag. 233-242 (2016)
Wind influence on surface current variability in the Ibiza Channel from HF Radar. Ocean dynamics
A. Lana, J. Marmain, V. Fernandez, J. Tintoré, A. Orfila
Ocean Dynamics , Vol. 66. 4 Pag. 483-497 (2016)
Meeting report: GenBank microbial genomic taxonomy workshop (12–13 May, 2015)
S. Federhen, R. Rossello-Mora, H.-P. Klenk, B.J. Tindall, K.T. Konstantinidis, W.B. Whitman, D. Brown, D. Labeda, D. Ussery, G.M. Garrity, R.R. Colwell, N. Hasan, J. Graf, A. Parte, P. Yarza, B. Goldberg, H. Sichtig, I. Karsch-Mizrachi, K. Clark, R. McVeigh, K.D. Pruitt, T. Tatusova, R. Falk, S. Turner, T. Madden, P. Kitts, A. Kimchi, W. Klimke, R. Agarwala, M. DiCuccio, J. Ostell
Standards in Genomic Sciences , Vol. 11. Pag. 2-8 (2016)
How is the surface Atlantic water inflow through the Gibraltar Strait forecasted? A Lagrangian validation of present operational oceanographic services in the Alboran Sea and the Western Mediterranean
M.G. Sotillo, A. Amo-Baladrón, E. Padorno, E. Garcia-Ladona, A. Orfila, P. Rodríguez-Rubio, D. Conti, J.A. Jiménez, F.J. de los Santos, E. Alvarez Fanjul
Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 0 Pag. 1-10 (2016)
Assessment of operational models in the Balearic Sea during a MEDESS-4MS experiment
E. Capó, A. Orfila, J.M. Sayol, M. Juza, M. Garcia-Sotillo, D. Conti, G. Simarro, B. Mourre, J. Tintoré
Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 0 Pag. 1-18 (2016)
The artisanal fishery of the spiny lobster Palinurus elephas in CabreraNational Park, Spain: Comparative study on traditional and moderntraps with trammel netsJ
J.F. Amengual-Ramis, M. Vázquez-Archdale, C. Cánovas-Pérez, B. Morales-Nin
Fisheries Research , Vol. 179. Pag. 23-32 (2016)
Wind induced energy-momentum distribution along the Ekman-Stokes layer. Application to the Western Mediterranean Sea climate.
J.M. Sayol, A. Orfila, L.-Y. Oey
Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers , Vol. 111. Pag. 34-49 (2016)
The relative role of population density and climatic factors in shaping the body growth rate of the balearic wall lizard (Podarcis lilfordi).
A. Rotger, J. M. Igual, J. J. Smith, G. Tavecchia
Canadian Journal of Zoology , Vol. 94. 3 Pag. 207-215 (2016)
Declining relict plants: Climate effect or seed dispersal disruption? A landscape-scale approach
X. Rotllàn, A. Traveset
Basic and Applied Ecology , Vol. 17. 1 Pag. 81-91 (2016)
Eddy properties in the Western Mediterranean Sea from satellite altimetry and a numerical simulation.
R. Escudier, L. Renault, A. Pascual, P. Brasseur, D. Chelton, J. Beuvier
Journal of Geophysical Research , Vol. 221. Pag. 1- (2016)

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