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Both introduced and extinct: The fallow deer of Roman Mallorca
A. Valenzuela, K. Baker, R.F. Cardenc, J. Evans, T. Highame, A.R. Hoelzel, A. Lamb, R. Madgwick, H. Miller, J.A. Alcover, M.A. Cauh, N. Sykes
Journal of Archaeological Science , Vol. 2016. 9 Pag. 168-177 (2016)
Testing otolith morphology for measuring marine fish biodiversity
V. M. Tuset, Farre M., J. L. Otero-Ferrer, A. Vilar, B. Morales-Nin, A. Lombarte
Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research , Vol. 67. Pag. 1037-1048 (2016)
Fish otoliths as indicators in ecosystem based management:results of the 5th International Otolith Symposium (IOS2014)
A.J. Geffen, B. Morales-Nin, B.M. Gillanders
Marine and Freshwater Research , Vol. 67. 7 Pag. 1-4 (2016)
SOCIB operational ocean forecasting system and multi-platform validation in the western Mediterranean Sea
M. Juza, B. Mourre, L. Renault, S. Gómara, K. Sebastián, S. Lora, J.P. Beltran, B. Frontera, B. Garau, C. Troupin, M. Torner, E. Heslop, B. Casas, R. Escudier, G. Vizoso, J. Tintoré,
Journal of Operational Oceanography , Vol. 9. Pag. 155- (2016)
When immigration mask threats: The rescue effect of a Scopoli's shearwater colony in the Western Mediterranean as a case study
A. Sanz-Aguilar, J.M. Igual, G. Tavecchia, M. Genovart, D. Oro
Biological Conservation , Vol. 198. Pag. 33-36 (2016)
High atmosphere-ocean exchange of semivolatile aromatic hydrocarbons
B. González-Gaya, M.-C. Fernández-Pinos, L. Morales, L. Méjanelle, E. Abad, B. Piña, C.M. Duarte, B. Jiménez, J. Dachs
Nature Geoscience , Vol. 9. 6 Pag. 438-442 (2016)
Mediterranean circulation perturbations over the last five centuries: Relevance to past Eastern Mediterranean Transient-type events
Incarbona A., Martrat B., Mortyn P.G., Sproveri M., Ziveri P., Gogou A., Jordà G., Xoplaki E., Luterbacher J., Langone L., Marino G., Rodríguez-Sanz L., Triantaphyllou M., Di Stefano E., Grimalt J.O., Tranchida G., Sprovieri R., Mazzola S
Scientific Reports , Vol. 6. 29623 Pag. 1- (2016)
Impacts of reprocessed altimetry on the surface circulation and variability of the Western Alboran Gyre
M. Juza, R. Escudier, A. Pascual, M.-I. Pujol, G. Taburet, Ch. Troupin, B. Mourre, J. Tintoré
Advances in Space Research , Vol. 58. 3 Pag. 277-288 (2016)
Size-selective fishing of Palaemon serratus (Decapoda, Palaemonidae) in Wales, UK: implications of sexual dimorphism and reproductive biology for fisheries management and conservation
J.A. Emmerson, J.A. Haig, G. Robson, H. Hinz, L. Le Vay, M.J. Kaiser
Potential for an underwater glider component as part of the Global Ocean Observing System
Taavi Liblik, Johannes Karstensen, Pierre Testor, Pekka Alenius, Daniel Hayes, Simon Ruiz, Karen J. Heywood, Silvie Pouliquen, Laurent Mortier, Elena Mauri
Methods in Oceanography , Vol. 17. 17 Pag. 50-82 (2016)
Seasonal changes in otolith increment width trajectories and the effect of temperature on the daily growth rate of young sardines
E. Schismenou, M. Palmer, M. Giannoulaki, I. Alvarez, K. Tsiaras, G. Triantafyllou, S. Somarakis
Fisheries Oceanography , Vol. 25. 4 Pag. 362-372 (2016)
Consecutive cohort effects driven by density-dependence and climate influence early-life survival in a long-lived bird
A. Payo-Payo, M. Genovart, A. Bertolero, R. Pradel, D. Oro
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences , Vol. 283. 1829 Pag. 1-2 (2016)
Pelagic seascape ecology for operational fisheries oceanography: modelling and predicting spawning distribution of Atlantic bluefin tuna in western Mediterranean
D. Alvarez-Berastegui, J.M. Hidalgo, M.P. Tugores, A. Aparicio, L. Ciannelli, P. Reglero, R. Balbín, M. Juza, B. Mourre, A. Pascual, J.L. Lopez-Jurado, A. García, J.M. Rodriguez, J. Tintoré, Alemany F
ICES Journal of Marine Science , Vol. abril. 13 Pag. 2016- (2016)
Closing the gap: new data on the last documented Myotragus and the first human evidence on Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean Sea)
P. Bover, A. Valenzuela, E. Torres, A. Cooper, J. Pons, J.A. Alcover
Holocene , Vol. 26. 2 Pag. 1887-1891 (2016)
Revised phylogeny of Bacteroidetes and proposal of sixteen new taxaand two new combinations including Rhodothermaeota phyl. nov.
R. Munoz, R. Rosselló-Móra, R. Amann
Systematic and Applied Microbiology , Vol. 39. Pag. 281-296 (2016)
South-Eastern Bay of Biscay eddy-induced anomalies and their effect on chlorophyll distribution
Caballero A., Rubio A., Ruiz S., Le Cann B., Testor P., Mader J., Hernandez C
Journal of Marine Systems , Vol. 162. 162 Pag. 57-72 (2016)
Glider and satellite high resolution monitoring of a mesoscale eddy in the Algerian basin: effects on the mixed layer depth and biochemistry
Y. Cotroneo, G. Aulicino, S. Ruiz, A. Pascual, G. Budillon, G. Fusco, J. Tintorè
Journal of Marine Systems , Vol. 1. 1 Pag. 1-12 (2016)
The MEDESS-GIB database: tracking the Atlantic water inflow
M.G. Sotillo, E. Garcia-Ladona, A. Orfila, P. Rodríguez-Rubio, J.C. Maraver, D. Conti, E. Padorno, J.A. Jiménez, E. Capó, F. Pérez, J.M. Sayol, F.J. de los Santos, A. Amo, A. Rietz, C. Troupin, J. Tintore, E. Álvarez-Fanjul
Earth System Science Data , Vol. 8. 1 Pag. 141-149 (2016)

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