Biodiversity and conservation

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Megachile timberlakei Cockerell (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae): Yet another adventive bee species to the Galapagos Archipelago
C. Rasmussen, A.L. Carrion, R. Castro-Urgal, S. Chamorro, V.H. González, T.L. Griswold, H.W. Herrera, C.K. McMullen, J.M. Olesen, A. Traveset,
PAN-PACIFIC ENTOMOLOGIST , Vol. 88. Pag. 98-102 (2012)
Mitogenomic phylogenetic analysis supports continental-scale vicariance in subterranean thalassoid crustaceans
M.M. Bauza-Ribot, C. Juan, F. Nardi, P. Oromi, J. Pons, D. Jaume,
CURRENT BIOLOGY , Vol. 22. 21 Pag. 2069-2074 (2012)
A chromosomal analysis of four species of Chilean Chrysomelinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)
E. Petitpierre, M. Elgueta
Comparative Cytogenetics , Vol. 6. 4 Pag. 335-340 (2012)
Internal Habitat Quality Determines the Effects of Fragmentation on Austral Forest Climbing and Epiphytic Angiosperms
A. Magrach, A.R. Larrinaga, L. Santamaría
PLoS One , Vol. 7. 10 Pag. 1-2 (2012)
Specificity of grouping behaviour: comparing colony sizes for the same seabird species in distant populations
R. Jovani, H. Schielzeth, R. Mavor, D. Oro
JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY , Vol. 43. Pag. 397-402 (2012)
Is laying a large egg expensive? Female-biased cost of first reproduction in a petrel
A. Sanz-Aguilar, E. Mínguez, D. Oro
AUK , Vol. 129. Pag. 510-516 (2012)
Seed dispersal mutualistic interactions in the Mediterranean Region: contrasting patterns between islands and mainland
A. González-Castro, A. Traveset, M. Nogales
JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY , Vol. 39. Pag. 1938-1947 (2012)
Salt application as an effective measure to control ruderal invaders threatening endangered halophytic plant species
Z. Khan, M. Albrecht, A. Traveset
APPLIED VEGETATION SCIENCE , Vol. 16. Pag. 448-456 (2012)
Population resilience of the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus at Cabo Blanco peninsula.
M. Martínez-Jauregui, G. Tavecchia, M. A. Cedenilla, T. Coulson, M. Fernández de Larrinoa Muñoz, L. M. González
MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES , Vol. 461. Pag. 273- (2012)
Is laying a large egg expensive? Female-biased cost of first reproduction in a petrel.
A. Sanz-Aguilar, E. Mínguez, D. Oro
AUK , Vol. 129. Pag. 510-516 (2012)
Modeling Trap-Awareness and Related Phenomena in Capture-Recapture Studies.
R. Pradel, A. Sanz-Aguilar
PLoS One , Vol. 73. 3 Pag. 32666- (2012)
To leave or not to leave: survival tradeoffs between different migratory strategies in the Greater Flamingo
A. Sanz-Aguilar, A. Béchet, C. Germain, A. Johnson, R. Pradel
JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY , Vol. 81. Pag. 1171-1182 (2012)
Nest boxes: A successful management tool for the conservation of an endangered seabird
E. Libois, O. Gimenez, D. Oro, E. Mínguez, R. Pradel, A. Sanz-Aguilar
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION , Vol. 155. Pag. 39-43 (2012)
The role of seed dispersal, pollination and historical effects on genetic patterns of an insular plant that has lost its only seed disperser
M. Calviño-Cancela, M. Escudero, J. Rodríguez-Pérez, E. Cano, P. Vargas, G. Velo-Antón, A. Traveset
JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY , Vol. 39. Pag. 1996-2006 (2012)
Conocer...lo que se dice conocer
A. Martínez-Abraín
Quercus , Vol. 316. Pag. 6- (2012)
Research priorities for seabirds: Improving seabird conservation and management in the 21st century
R. Lewison, D. Oro, B. Godley, L. Underhill, S. Bearhop, R. Wilson, D. Ainley, J.M. Arcos, P.D. Boersma, P. Borboroglu, T. Boulinier, M. Frederiksen, M. Genovart, J. González-Solís, J.A. Green, D. Grémillet, K.C. Hamer, G.M. Hilton, K.D. Hyrenbach, A. Martínez-Abraín, A.M. Montevecchi, R.A. Phillips, P.G. Ryan, P. Sagar, W.J. Sydeman, P. Yorio, S. Wanless, Y. Watanuki, H. Weimerskirch
Endangered Species Research , Vol. 17. Pag. 93-121 (2012)
Evidence for overlooked mechanisms of long-distance seed dispersal to and between oceanic islands
M. Nogales, R. Heleno, A. Traveset, P. Vargas
NEW PHYTOLOGIST , Vol. 194. Pag. 313-317 (2012)
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