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Author(s):Munoz, R.;Yarza, P.;Rosselló-Móra, R.
Title:Harmonized phylogenetic trees for the Prokaryotes
Book title:The Prokaryotes
Editor:Rosenberg, E.
Abstract:The taxonomic outline of the current edition of The Prokaryotes is accompanied with the phylogenetic reconstruction of each respective taxon. In order to harmonize the reconstruction procedures and layout of over 350 trees, reconstructions have been produced using the LTP database (The All-Species Living Tree Project). This database is a compilation of 16S rRNA gene sequences representing the type strains of species with validly published names. The LTP team has applied a unified methodology and criteria for the harmonized reconstructions. In all cases, corresponding authors' instructions served to fine-tune the phylogenetic analysis and select the final tree topology. © 2014 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. All rights are reserved.

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