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Author(s):M. Marconi, J. Javaloyes, S. Barland, S. Balle, M. Giudici
Title:Vectorial dissipative solitons in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with delays
Journal:Nature Photonics
JCR Impact Factor:31.167
Issue No.:7
Abstract:We show that the nonlinear polarization dynamics of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser placed in an external cavity lead to the emission of temporal dissipative solitons. These are vectorial solitons because they appear as localized pulses in the polarized output, but leave the total intensity constant. When the cavity roundtrip time is much longer than the soliton duration, several independent solitons as well as bound states (molecules) may be hosted in the cavity. All these solitons coexist together and with the background solution. The experimental results are well described by a theoretical model that can be reduced to a single delayed equation for the polarization orientation, which allows the vectorial solitons to be interpreted as polarization kinks. A Floquet analysis is used to confirm the mutual independence of the observed solitons.

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