Ocean Mesoscale and submesoscale vertical motion in the Balearic Sea
[Cod. OPE02269 CALY-2]
Developoing Optimal and Open Reserach Support for the Black Sea
[Cod. 101000518 DOORS]
Improving and Integrating European Ocean Observing and forecasting Systmens for Sustainable use of the Oceans
[Cod. 862626 EUROSEA]
CNR2 Implementing Contrat Service n. ECMWF/COPERNICUS/2017/C3S_511_CNR/SC2
[Cod. 000168190009 C3S_511_CSIC/SC2]
Collecte localisation satellites CLS
[Cod. 0001681800018 SLTAC2]
Suport Services in the SEA Level Observation data service for the Ocean at the global scale and for European seas at regional scale
[Cod. 20153765 SEALEVEL]