Ocean Mesoscale and submesoscale vertical motion in the Balearic Sea

[Cod. OPE02269 CALY-2]

This proposal is to address the challenge of observing and understanding the mesoscale (10-100 Km) and submesoscale (0.1-10 km) 3D motion of water parcels in the Balearic Sea and how this motion facilitates the exchanges of natural biochemical tracers, such as chlorophyll-a and oxygen, between the ocean surface and ocean interior. The Balearic Sea is characterized by the presence of two quasi-permanent fronts and recurrent mesoscale and submesoscale features. In this project, we propose to use innovative approaches based on machine learning to investigate the mesoscale and submesoscale vertical motion at oceanic fronts using observations and high-resolution numerical simulations. We will also perform an analysis of the kinematic properties of the flow from the surface and near-surface drifters making use of new techniques. Fieldwork will be carried out in collaboration with colleagues from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and other research centers from EEUU. The field experiment will provide a unique observational view of an ocean front using different observational platforms.