Miguel Palmer Vidal

Ecologia Marina
Científico Titular
Oficina: 2015

Since 2006 I am researcher (Científico Titular) at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA, CSIC). I have leaded or participated in many competitive research projects and contributed to more than 120 scientific papers.

My current research interest focuses on quantitative ecology of fish and fishing/aquaculture. Specifically, I am interested in the effects of fishing/aquaculture on several features of life history, physiology, spatial distribution patterns and population dynamics. I am strengthening my knowledge for a mechanistic understanding of the biological processes taking place at the individual level; and not only for their interest in themselves, but also as a strategy for up-scaling from the individual level knowledge to the population level dynamics. Specific topics cover statistical modelling of bioenergetic processes, growth, movement, and behavior. I am also investing a growing effort to develop new technological tools for monitoring fish, based on cameras. Collaborations beyond those topics cover dynamical systems (with physicist and mathematicians) and Deep Learning (with engineers).

This theoretical background has been also translated to immediate practical applications. The most relevant are several consultant contracts with private enterprises of the aquaculture sector, and several collaborations with fisher’s associations from Mallorca.