Open position in Physical Oceanography at IMEDEA (CSIC)

The Department of Oceanography and Global Change of IMEDEA is offering a research contract to join the group within the framework of the interdisciplinary project 4DMEDSea funded by the European Agency Space, which gathers physicists, ecologists, biologists and mathematicians from 4 countries (Italy, Spain, France and Germany).

The contract will cover a period of 1.5 years with the possibility of one year extension based on satisfactory performance, ideally starting in October 1, 2023 (no later than January 1, 2024). The salary will depend on the qualifications of the candidate.

The scientific objectives of the project are: to develop an experimental 4D product of both physical and biological variables covering the Mediterranean Sea; to improve our understanding of fundamental physical processes in the Mediterranean basin and; to evaluate the impact of these processes on the transport and exchange of biogenic matter and on the structuring of marine life at the mesoscale and sub-mesoscale.



The aim of the successful candidate is twofold:  i) to validate the experimental product using available physical and biological in situ observations and ii) to study how the transport and mixing properties differ between the surface and the deeper layers by exploiting advanced Lagrangian tools. The Lagrangian data will be obtained via virtual trajectories computed from the observational-based  reconstructed product as well as from drifters experiments in the field. The project offers the scope to advance in the study of 3D oceanic dynamic structures and their influence on the transport and connectivity patterns.

The position will involve the preparation of project reports, national and international business trips to work with close collaborators and to present his/her research at national/international conferences as well as at project meetings. The selected candidate is expected to publish high quality research outputs in scientific journals.



The applicant should have a Master or a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography or other similar fields of study. Experience with Lagrangian data (real or simulated) is desirable. Previous knowledge on data analysis using programming languages such as Fortran, Matlab, or Python are required. Good English skills (oral and written) are also desired.



Interested persons are invited to submit a curriculum vitae with full contact information to:

Ismael Hernández-Carrasco (

Ananda Pascual  (