Why work at IMEDEA?

We are a very active institute in marine sciences and terrestrial ecology. If you are interested in training or research in these fields, in a friendly and scientifically very active environment, we are a center to consider. We are characterized by our interdisciplinarity at work and our international presence. A substantial part of our staff comes from other countries. You will find a welcoming center, with great availability of resources to train you and develop your research with the help of a staff of researchers who carry out innovative and excellent research in their respective research topics.

And, why not say it…, due to its natural values and climate, Mallorca is an exceptional place to live and work.

Whether you are a bachelor’s or master’s student, pre- or postdoctoral researcher, consolidated researcher or support technician, there are different ways to join IMEDEA.

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As part of its mission to train the next generation of scientists and high level technicians interested in marine and insular ecosystems, IMEDEA hosts students in the SUmmer Research Internship program (SURI). The program provides an opportunity for talented undergraduate and graduate university students to collaborate in science research programs, providing meaningful experiential learning opportunities that support IMEDEA’s research and inspire ocean literacy for the next generation. The program features 4 to 12 weeks of hands on learning experience providing the students an experiential opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in a vast spectrum of topics including oceanography, marine technologies, biogeochemistry, biology and ecology. SURI students gain valuable, interdisciplinary experience collaborating on field work, lab experiments and/or computational projects which enable them to increase their competitiveness for educational and career opportunities.

2023 Program Dates: June – September, 2023

How to apply

Application Period: January 2nd to April 30, 2023, at 8:00 a.m.

Please, check the available projects below and contact the responsible person directly.

Projects opportunities and mentors

Additional projects may be added so please check this page prior to submitting your internship application.

Project 1: Current and potential future source/sink dynamics of GHG in seagrass meadows. Graduate student. Responsible: Iris Hendriks (iris@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 2: Efectos del enriquecimiento ambiental en el comportamiento y el bienestar de lubinas en cautividad. Graduate student. Responsible: Pablo Arechavala (arechavala@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 3: Acuicultura de precisión: tecnología aplicada al estudio del comportamiento y el bienestar de lubinas. Graduate student. Responsible: Pablo Arechavala (arechavala@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 4: Restauración de Posidonia. Undergraduate/graduate student. Period: Summer 2023. Reponsible: Jorge Terrados (terrados@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 5: Experimentos sobre Posidonia. Undergraduate/graduate student. Reponsible: Inés Castejón/Laura Guerrero (icastejon@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 6: Estudio de las implicaciones ecológicas y evolutivas del comportamiento de peces marinos. Undergraduate student. Period: September/October 2023. Reponsible: Josep Alós (alos@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 7: Seguimiento de peces marinos en Áreas Marinas Protegidas con dispositivos electrónicos Undergraduate student. Period: September/October 2023. Reponsible: Josep Alós (alos@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 8: Motility of microorganisms, biomechanics of eukaryotic cilia and flagella, active matter. Both experimental and theoretical. Undergraduate student. Period: all except August and December. Responsible: Marco Polin (mpolin@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 9: Análisis de comportamiento de larvas de peces. Undergraduate student. Period: all except August. Responsible: Ignasi Catalán (ignacio@imedea.uib-csic.es)

Project 10: Nuevas tecnologías para evaluar el estado ecológico de los fondos de maërl, estudiando las repercusiones de las actividades humanas, y explorando escenarios óptimos de conservación. Undergraduate student. Period: May-December. Responsible: Silvia de Juan (silvia.dejuan@csic.es)

Project 11: Exploring between-fish variability in bionergetic strategies of seabass. Summary: Bioenergetics refers to the energy flow through living organisms. The waste-to-hurry hypothesis suggests that small animals tend to have higher maintenance costs and higher assimilation rates, while other animals adopt thrifty but more resilient strategies. This proposal will investigate the astonishing individual differences in bioenergetic strategies observed among cultured seabass that have been closely monitored throughout their life at LIMIA facilities in Port d’Andratx. The research will involve laboratory experiments such as calorimetries, and data analyses. The schedule for the study can be adjusted based on the student’s preferences. Undergraduate student. Responsible: Miquel Palmer (palmer@imedea.uib-csic.es)

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