The objective of the Research Group on Physical-Biological Interactions in the Ocean (InFiBiO) is to understand, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the physical, chemical and biological factors that determine the functioning, structure and organization of planktonic organisms, as well as their response to natural and anthropogenic disturbances. The InFiBiO integrates researchers from various disciplines, who share a common interest in the study of the functioning and dynamics of marine ecosystems. The core of the group consists of researchers specialized in the study of fluid mechanics, physical and biological oceanography, marine plankton, acoustics, the theory of dynamical systems and the biophysics of microorganisms. Current research lines include (1) Physical-biological interactions from microscale (microbial motility, microfluidics) to mesoscale (currents, fronts and turbulence), 2) integrating observational, numerical and experimental models of coupled physical- biological systems, 3) phytoplankton dynamics (including Harmful Algal Blooms) and its relation to environmental forcing.