Pablo Arechavala López

Ecologia Marina
Ramón y Cajal
Oficina: 3051

Marine Biologist and PhD in Marine Sciences. My professional trajectory during the last decade encompasses the multidisciplinary science of fish (i.e. ichthyology), mostly applied to studies on sustainable and responsible aquaculture, with some hints in conservation and coastal management.

Specialised on fish behaviour, ecology, and welfare of farmed and wild marine fishes. I assess the behaviour of farm-aggregated and escaped fishes and their possible effects on the marine environment with a view to improving the sustainability of aquaculture and interactions with fisheries. More recently, I am focused on developing diverse strategies to ensure a more sustainable and responsible aquaculture activity by investigating and validating behavioural indicators of fish welfare, developing operational tools to monitor fish welfare at farms, assessing the effects of environmental enrichment on farmed fish species or rising welfare management plans at commercial and global scale, among others. I actively participate in fish welfare training, experimentation, and consultancy.