Young generations for sustainable blue growth

[Cod. OPE02646 You4Blue]

The project aims to create a new relationship between young generations and the environment, in which our planet is not seen only as a source of resources to exploit but as an integral part of ourselves. This shift is crucial to move towards more sustainable habits and lifestyles. Addressing digital transformation. The blended learning approach proposed combines digital transformation with experiential learning. Part of the learning activities will happen through an online platform and interactive tools, allowing students to learn and share with their peers in an engaging way. Inclusion and diversity. The project will be implemented in 3 Mediterranean islands (Italy, Greece and Spain). Covid 19 has extremely exacerbated the already strong geographical barrier that islands face compared to the mainland. Mobility limitations have been particularly severe for island inhabitants due to the reduction/limitations in travel connections (e.g. flights). The project gives students the chance to experience the benefits of exchanging with peers from different countries, enhancing multiculturalism and appreciation of diversity. The EU nature of the project will also contribute to promoting social cohesion within the EU and reinforcing belief in the EU within younger generations. 

Common values, civic engagement and participation. The project aims to help students develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to actively participate in democratic life, mainly by learning and exercising their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Students will develop interest and commitment to preserve and improve the areas where they live, as well as share scientific evidence with residents and local stakeholders on real-world challenges (e.g. sewage entering the sea, impact of tourism on local environment). From this evidence, they will develop proposals to be submitted to local authorities aiming at improving local areas. This will foster civic participation, installing the idea that all citizens are key actors in the community life and in the promotion of more environmentally sustainable decision-making. 

Promoting interest and excellence in STEAM. The project has an extensive scientific component. Students will engage with scientists with expertise in natural and social science disciplines, enhancing critical thinking and multi-disciplinary approaches in problem-solving. Learning contents will be based on the latest research available, with special focus on the coastal areas where the students live. Students will be guided by scientists to investigate the different topics following the principles of scientific method. The project will make sure to use a gender responsive approach to promote interest in science careers. Development of key competences. The project will propose practical trainings on videomaking, naturalistic illustration and podcast realization. These key competences are crucial in the current job market.