Trans-Arctic asymmetries, melting pots and weak species cohesion in the low-dispersal amphiboreal seaweed Fucus distichus

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Year 2024

Authors Neiva, J.; Assis, J.; Fragkopoulou, E.; Pearson, G.A.; Raimondi, P.T.; Anderson, L.; Krause-Jensen, D.; Marbà, N.; Want ,A.; Selivanova, O.; Nakaoka, M.; Grant, W.S.; Konar, B.; Roleda, M.Y.; Sejr, M.K.; Paulino, C.; Serrão, E.A.

Volume 12

ISSN 2296-701X

Pages 1356987

Doi 10.3389/fevo.2024.1356987