Andrés Alonso Ospina Alvarez

Ecologia Marina
Juan de la Cierva
Office: 3054

Andrés Ospina-Alvarez is a marine scientist with expertise in connectivity, network analysis, and ecological modeling. He is currently a contracted researcher at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) and enjoys a Juan de La Cierva Incorporación fellowship.

His research focuses on marine spatial ecology, including the transport, dispersal, and recruitment of early-stage marine species, habitat modeling, and spatial planning approaches that promote population connectivity. He is an expert in network analysis, which he uses to address complex ecological problems by integrating the study of marine organisms during their pelagic life transported by marine currents.

Ospina-Alvarez’s expertise in coupling hydrodynamic and individual-based models and using graph theory tools for the analysis of marine connectivity is widely recognized. His recent interests and projects have focused on analyzing the effects of rapid global change, seafood traceability, and ecosystem services provision provided by Marine Protected Areas. He has worked on research projects in Spain, New Zealand, Chile, and around the Mediterranean Sea.

Andrés Ospina-Alvarez received his PhD in Marine Sciences from the University of Barcelona in 2012 and has received several awards, including a European Union H2020 Marie Skłodowska–Curie action, a Chilean FONDECYT Postdoctoral Fellowship, a CSIC JAE Doctoral Fellowship, and other Scholar Awards.