New call for applications for JAE Intro ICU 2024 scholarships to start research


IMEDEA announces 5 grants in memory of Javier Benedí for university graduates within the JAE Intro ICU program. These fellowships, promoted by CSIC, are aimed at university students in the last year of their bachelor's or master's degree, with the objective of promoting scientific careers and fostering an approach to the knowledge of current scientific and technical problems and the methods used to solve them.


With a duration of 8 consecutive months, the grants can be applied for through the CSIC web portal from June 15 to July 15, 2024.

Below is a list of the grants applied for to work on IMEDEA projects:


  • Laboratory techniques applied to fish and seagrass conservation. Principal Investigator: Laura Guerrero Meseguer (
  • Taxonomic diagnostics in archaeozoology and paleontology of vertebrates in the Balearic Islands: use of reference collections. Principal Researcher: Josep Antoni Alcover (
  • Emissions of greenhouse gases in the arrival of Posidonia oceanica. Principal Investigator: Núria Marbà (,
  • Preferential concentration of microplastics in the water column and its impact on marine ecosystems: Principal Investigator: Alejandro Orfila (
  • Study of light-induced vertical migrations in benthic diatoms: Principal Investigator:Joan Salvador Font Muñoz (



Specific requirements for applicants:


  • To have completed undergraduate studies and not be in possession of or legally disposed to obtain a PhD degree.
  • Average grade of the academic transcript of the Bachelor's Degree: Accredit a grade point average equal or higher than 6 or on the scale of 0-10.
  • Official University Master's Degree: To be admitted or enrolled in the 2024-25 academic year in an Official University Master's Degree.


For more information, check the files attached to this news or contact or the responsible researchers.