Enjoy cinema and science on Saint Peter’s Day with IMEDEA: Wall-E and the essential role of plants in regenerating the lost balance of nature


IMEDEA will once again be joining in the fun for Saint Peter’s Day, in collaboration with Esporles Town Council. 

Time around, IMEDEA is organising a screening of Disney-Pixar’s WALL-E alongside a Q&A session. Of course, alongside the usual tub of popcorn, the outdoor session will include a talk with scientists working in Esporles who will reflect on one of the film’s main topics with the audience given its huge interest in the current context of climate change and biodiversity loss: the importance of plants in regenerating life on Earth.

The event will be held on 5th July from 9.30 to 11.30 pm in the IMEDEA car park on Carrer Miquel Marqués 21, Esporles. 

Tickets are free although capacity is limited. Only early-birds will get to taste the four flavours of artisanal popcorn: salty, tajine, sweet and cinnamon.  


Friday 5th July 
Location: IMEDEA car park (Carrer Miquel Marqués 21, Esporles)
9.30 pm Cineforum: ‘Wall-E and the importance of plants in regenerating the lost balance of nature’  
10 pm Screening of WALL-E (Disney-Pixar) 
Language: Catalan with subtitles in Spanish 
Tickets are free although capacity is limited.


Wall-E (Disney-Pixar)

Technical sheet

Original title: WALL-E
Year: 2008
Length: 103 min.
Country: United States 
Director: Andrew Stanton
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios
Genre: Animation. Science fiction. Robots. Future. Family film. Climate change. The environment. 
The film is recommended for anyone over the age of 3. 


The year is 2700. A rickety robot called WALL-E goes about his daily cleaning tasks like he was programmed years ago. The only companions of our endearing hero are a loyal cockroach and the little curiosities he finds amongst the waste on a completely barren planet Earth. Nevertheless, his daily routine is turned on its head when he meets a sleek modern robot scout called EVE. They will both head out on a journey through the galaxy on an exciting and unforgettable adventure. 

The film is inspired by the films of Buster Keaton and Charles Chaplin and effortlessly combines technique, emotional poetry and risky experimentation, becoming a timeless animated classic beloved by children and adults alike. In turn, it reflects on the need to care and value our natural resources, underlining how important plants are in restoring lost ecological balance.