Ignacio A. Catalán Alemany

Ecologia Marina
Científico Titular
Office: 2018

I earned my PhD from the Universitat de Barcelona-Institut de Ciències del Mar in 2003, focusing on indices of physiological condition in fish larvae and their correlation with survival. Since 2009, I have been working as a Research Scientist at IMEDEA. My scientific interests revolve around understanding the mechanisms that govern the dynamics of marine fish, particularly during their early developmental stages when bio-physical interactions are unique, and mortality rates are significantly high.

Over the past decade, my research has been concentrated on three main areas:

  1. Advancing our understanding of individual and collective responses of fish to both external and internal factors, including the impact of climate change.
  2. Unraveling the processes that influence the recruitment of coastal fish.
  3. Applying new technologies to automatically obtain massive data on fish and fishers’ activity, that help a better science-based management of fisheries.